No more dirty corridors, out-of-use lifts or unnecessary bureaucracy AND we could save you money

Here’s what you get if you switch your apartment block management to us:

We specialise in residential estate and apartment block management. We maintain the buildings, grounds, communal areas and services in all kinds of residential blocks. We do all the usual stuff that management agents do, but we think we do it better and more efficiently - so do the residents’ associations who’ve already seen the light and moved to us.

Unlike some apartment block managers, we’re completely independent of freeholders and landlords. That means we can give our full attention to keeping costs down and giving you, the resident/leaseholder, the best quality service for the least possible price.

Careful Cost Management
You won’t find us automatically slapping an extra 5%, 10% or even more % onto the service charge every year. We keep our costs as low as we can and we don’t put your service charge up unless we really have to. We also run ‘rainy day’ funds (called a ‘sinking’ funds) for the day when your building needs a large amount spent on it.

Not a Bureaucrat in Sight!
We run a tight ship with no faceless paper shufflers. That means we answer your questions, we turn up when we say we’re going to and we get things sorted. No more dirty corridors, out-of-use lifts or unkempt gardens. You get transparent, timely accounts, meetings with the managing director and a say in how things happen.

Help Making the Switch
If you think it’s not up to you to hire a new block management agent, think again. We’ve helped many people just like you to galvanise their fellow residents, form residents’ associations and make a change for the better. The law allows you to do this and we can guide you through the process.