Buy The Freehold

Buy the freehold and be free to appoint the management agent of your choice – with a few extra benefits!

As a leaseholder, you have to pay ground rent to whoever owns the land your home is built on - the ‘freeholder’. The freeholder gets a steady income from this ground rent.

Does your lease ask you to pay an administration fee if you sub-let your property? Did you have to buy a lease extension in order to get a mortgage? These are all additional costs for leaseholders who don’t own their own freehold.

You can buy your own freehold to:
•    gain control of the land your home is built on
•    stop having to pay additional fees
•    have the right to appoint your own managing agent

You do this by ‘collectively enfranchising’ which means that the leaseholders as a group become the freeholder.

We have been through this freehold purchase process many times and will happily help you through it step by step. However, before you do all that, you’ll probably want to contact us now to make absolutely sure you’re going to save money with us.