Developers & Freeholders

Save yourself a lot of hassle AND protect your reputation with an independent block management agent

Too many freeholders and building developers get into difficulties by thinking they can take on their own apartment block management. But it’s a whole other ball game once you’ve sold the leaseholds and have to start dealing with real people and all the things that can go wrong on a daily basis.

If you’re not careful, you could end up with a big mess on your hands, disgruntled residents and a plummeting reputation that could devalue your entire development.

What You Get With Prime Estate Management

•    Your ground rent collected on time – we collect your ground rent as well as the service charge. 

•    No headaches and hassles - we handle all the day to day phone calls and problems that come with running an apartment block.

•    Reputation protection – time and again, we hear residents complain that their block management company is difficult to get hold of and doesn’t organise adequate cleaning or speedy repairs. They feel like they’re paying a lot of money for a poor service and they can get even more dissatisfied when they discover that the people who run the block management also own the freehold. We can protect your reputation from all that. We’re completely independent and our service is so good a number of residents’ associations have taken things into their own hands and moved to us.

•    Annual accounts distributed on time – we issue transparent annual accounts, on time, to all residents. Residents can see exactly where their money is going and we consult with them on future expenditure.