Negotiate with the Freeholder

You and your fellow residents can put a persuasive proposal to your freeholder and they will most likely be all too happy to move to a new management company

Your lease probably states that the freeholder will manage the development. In reality, this means the freeholder appoints a managing agent to look after the day to day management of the development / apartment block.

We work with a number of enlightened freeholders on this basis. Freeholders don’t want their development de-valued by poor cleaning and maintenance any more than you do.

When you and your fellow residents put a persuasive proposal to your freeholder they will most likely agree to move to a new development manager. You have to be a co-ordinated group though, with all your facts and figures well presented – and we can help with that.

However, before you do all that, you’ll probably want to contact us now to make absolutely sure you’re going to save money with us.