Set up a Right to Manage Company

Set up your own Right To Manage company and gain control of your building management

If you can’t persuade your freeholder to move to a new management agent and you don’t want to buy the freehold, you and your fellow leaseholders can establish your own Right To Manage company.

When you’ve done this, you can serve what’s known as a Notice of Claim on the freeholder and then you have the right to manage the building(s) and to appoint an agent of your choice.

First, you have to fulfil various criteria. The main points are:
•    the lease on at least two thirds of the apartments / properties must have more than 21 years left to run
•    the total floor area of the development must be at least 75% residential with no more than 25% used for commercial offices, shops etc.

If your development qualifies, you then:
•    establish your Right To Manage company
•    invite all the leaseholders to become members of the company
•    once 50% of the leaseholders are members, the company can serve a Notice of Claim on the freeholder and exercise its right to manage – that’s when you can  appoint your own management agent.

We can help you navigate this whole procedure. You’ll also find some very useful information here

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